Sunday 27 February 2022

Day 73 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Kiddo asking about his cat life spans. Gave around about answer but seriously can not tell him when. He takes things so literally and mentally he can't handle losing his cat as it is; I do not know what to say. Our Norwegian Forest Cat is only about 3 and their life span is 12-20 years but if I gave kiddo an amount of years etc, he would count each day. Unfortunately panic and obsessing is strong in this kiddo already. 

Painting a shirt with acrylic paint and doing nothing but let it dry, heat set with an iron and handwashing in cold water; ACTUALLY WORKS. Love it. My clothes need some sprucing up. I am not part of the thro away society of fashion so I wear clothes a long time and thankfully know how to sew and am creative to make old clothes brand new and different again. Yet another life skill that is lacking in our society today. 

Someone soooooooooo not impressed today; as evident from his video. He was crashing at this time after being extra all day. 

Lettuce veggies wraps are amazing. Fresh veggies topped with cheese, dill sour cream and Thai Chili sauce. Try it, yummy.

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