Thursday 3 February 2022

Urban Legendish from Osprey Central Public School in Maxwell Ontario


There seems to be a story of a story of a story through everyone's Public or Highschool days. Urban legends make an appearance from the older grades to the younger ones. Scary delights past on from one generation to another.  Just sitting here recollecting the memory from my youthful Public School. 

So the story goes that a young girl hung herself in the rafters or that she was hung from the crazy pedo janitor years hence. Sounds of despair and screaming are said to be heard if you stood in a certain spot or called out her name. Nope have no clue the names said to me.  And no not a long winded tale with many details but a short one to the point. I know there was more to the tale and what I was told but don't have those deets on lock so not sharing it. The main stain of a girl being hung in the rafters is just enough.

Doubtful anyone form Osprey Days will read this but on the chance you do; comment what you recollect if anything from your years there, or what did I miss, etc. 

 Warned to stay away from the showers as  they were closed off. Many rules and close offs in the school just in general, and that added fuel to the fire for this tale. 

It was during summer camp when we were practicing for the talent show and I remember being told and who told me all about it I could out them, but it would make no matter here nor there really. Little did they know that creepy and weirdness were a part of who I was and that it did not scare me but intrigued me. Of course it was all blown off by the adults, but that school was creepy as hell, and I have had some weird astral projections in the halls of that place; still.  (By the way I was Olivia Newton John for the recreation of You Are The One That I Want ) Of course I would try to scare my classmates after school start and retell the tale. Though the tale was circulating around before me. A few of us did encounter some weird shit during school hours. 

I was the school mascot there. The Osprey Bird Costume was make specifically for me way back when. The fact that I still remember the school song and my cue during it to come out on stage for whatever performance was happening still makes me giggle. Shout out to Mrs. Teeter who made the costume.

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