Sunday, 27 March 2022

Day 101 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


Kiddo made perler creations for me.

He made himself a silly one. A few letters missing and run on words but I think he did an awesome job. 

Push button for service but a few of the letters in glow in the dark beads so you can guess. It is silly, funny, and harmless. Take it that way. 

Kiddo wanted popcorn and used some of the Mennonite kernels we bought. So white and amazing tastes so good. We have also blue kernels which are a little larger, will test them out another day. Kiddo douses his with Watkins Cheddar cheese sprinkle. 

Found some of those old thyme cookies the ginger ones. No where near how amazing they were years ago, but I turned them into a cake. I did not have any pudding to make a pudding biscuit cake but I did have some sweetened condensed milk. layers of that, extra spices and the cookies and sitting in the fridge for the milk to soak through the cookies. Sucks I  have to wait tomorrow to try it but will let you know how it worked out. Just cookie layers and the sweetened condensed nothing else added. 

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