Thursday 3 March 2022

Day 77 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 We have a bunny in our midst. The Easter Bunny is starting to get out and about. Left us some eggs this morning, mind not the edible chocolate kind. The dominant squirrel will not be happy as the bunny has found the woodland creature feed hoard. we have it out to attract many and hopefully we see the bunny and not just his paw prints and leavings. 

Drove kiddo to Dollarama again just so he could grab some Mario Kart blind bag toy thing. Someone had opened all the packages so he knew what was inside and he saw one he wanted so he had to have it. Thankfully still there today when we went back. He could have gotten it yesterday but he chose one that was not open for the surprise. Needles to say of course he did not get one he wanted and regretted not getting the one he specifically wanted. Well thankfully it was there today. Honestly only drove there to get it bc he was on cloud level 1000 and mommy seriously just needed a break from all the crazy; so out the house we got. I am so glad the silliness is over regarding "mandates" and can start getting out to places again. The energy this kid has is more than I have ever seen in any kid EVER.  I mean I get it, that is his personality but sometimes it gets to much and you just a reprise/ respite from it all and taking the long way country drive can just be the ticket.

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