Friday, 4 March 2022

Day 78 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 An actual get out and about day. Kiddo wanted to walk around Game Stop for the first time, well that he would remember, a baby last time we went in there.  He has decided he needs about a grand to get everything he likes and wants. 

Always great to have coupon codes for cheap meals. Scored a good tenders and popcorn chicken meal box from KFC for kiddo. He also was extra hungry today and just had to grab a hot and ready Za from Little Caesars  for dinner. 

Walked through Walmart, had not been in months and realized I hate that store, nothing to buy for us that we can't get cheaper at No Frills, Frescho, and Giant Tiger; or even Dollar Tree and Dollarama for that matter.  I do not like shopping and would rather stick to grab it online and curbside it or get it delivered. 

One awesome snack though are the Kinder Hippo cookie things. They are scrumptious. Grab em if you see em. So so good.

I managed one out of the lot of 5 and thankfully I did as Kiddo chowed the other 4 down, minutes after we got home. Grab yourself some hider ones, you will want more than one. 

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