Sunday, 6 March 2022

Day 80 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 OMG I saw a butterfly today. 

The weather was amazing. A fluke as temps are supposed to drop rest of this week; but it was so amazingly sunny and warm . Mind we have a wind warning but was not an issue today. Racked the front yard. City cutting the tree had made an insane mess, but the sticks I saved will be tops for bonfires this summer for sure. 

Kiddo out and running around. Does not dispel the energy he has but he was out in the fresh air for quite some time. 

I had to get rid of as much snow remnants as I could to. 

Just a beautiful day. Migraine did not leave till mid morning, but managed to get everything finished by way of painting left overs, house cleaned and put back together and still had a few hours outside enjoying the spring day. 

It was awesome waking up to a thunder and lightening storm. Ah Spring is here. Well I actually did not really sleep due to insane pain from migraine, but actually soothing to see lightening and hear the thunder, opened the window a bit for full effect. Started just before 4 am. 

Have you tried these apple pies. Cheap like a buck a pie from Giant Tiger but they are the best pies in a hand pie form I have ever had. You can not make them this good. Blows any fast fooder pies out the window. Slightly heated and man, worth every cent.  Perfect dough and this amazing sugar iced coating on the top. 

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