Monday 7 March 2022

Day 81 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 I love pushes from the Universe. I love realizing the push after maybe not accepting it right away and getting upset kind of but then realizing wait it does not take from you and is actually a reminder of who you are so embrace it. There is room for all of us on that cog wheel so get on it. Happily 2 things ended up resonating that way and going to o both as they ae me, who I am and part of my journey. 

What a crazy shift in the weather from yesterday to today. But I put my winter boots and coat away yesterday and I refuse to take them out again.  Kiddo has to still wear his winter coat as he has out grown all his other jackets so need to get him a warm in betweener one to pair with a hoodie. 

The best dessert is a free dessert. Had to use up my expiring stars so yum.....lemon pound cake. 

Found that Y Art craft at Dollarama for 4 bucks.. You pay anywhere from $15 - $20 bucks at other retailers. They had all the characters at the one we were at. 

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