Thursday 10 March 2022

Day 84 of 365 days of life and Stuffz

 Beautiful sun shining down day for a walk. Wind back was a little biting as we were walking against it. We hit up the library, renewed our cards and got new ones(old ones are 6 hours away packed up till we go back so of no use.)  

Library Seed kits were out so grabbed a pack. Can not wait to grow a separate garden just for food bank and anyone who is hungry to have fresh veggies and herbs. I really want to do that and am so glad I can this year. The Earth gives you the food for free, why not help feed people. I personally have proper disdain for people who are greedy over their gardens and will not share the food in certain instances.

Thought we were going to grab some DQ on the walk, but alas still closed for season. The website said they were open though , so not fair. Kiddo just has to wait a little while longer till he gets a slushiee. 


 Awesome deal online at Dominoes right now 50% off pizzas until Sunday, online only. Had to get pizza today and used my freebie for 3 topping large. They had a funny sign on the one barrier, gave us a good laugh.

Well been many many months but finally got my prize from that Vachon market thing they have. Not the worth the hassle. I thought I was getting a coupon so I could get a box of my favorite Vachon cakes but alas I was sent a box of Jos Louis .. YUCK.. lol very grateful for it anyway. I just have to pick the outside gross coating of and eat the cake and icing. Was fun getting it in the mail anyway, got my prize and it is cake so win win all around. That market thing though so unorganized and I stopped trying to get any points after 1 cashed out once. To much of a hassle to get your prize. But I am up a box of free cake today so there is that, even if it is Jos Louis ­čśä 

But of course I had to eat 2. I mean they were free and cake after all. 

Yes all mandates go bye bye March 21 where I am. Bout dang time.  

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