Friday, 18 March 2022

Day 92 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Ah the Full moon. Peaked this morning at 3:20 AM EST. Of course you can see it tonight I am sure. Any Magickal offerings great time to set them out and intend and leave them brew the next couple of days, as the Spring Equinox is Sunday at 11:33 AM EST.

Found a brand new Columbia spring jacket for kiddo at Uptown Thrift for 5 bucks. Got him a hoodie and dress shirt too. Couldn't believe the jacket find though. There was an impulse to just go there first before Giant Tiger which was our actual destination and there it was. Always follow those cues you get what you are in desire of. Found kiddo shoes as well at Giant Tiger. Minecraft light out. Only his size left on shelf so that was another score. 

Walking downtown though yuck. The garbage, bags full of shit, masks, drug stuff, broken glass, human shit, cigarette butts; just disgusting.

Kiddo had a virtual visit through a part of the Toronto Zoo through the library. 

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