Monday 4 April 2022

Day 109 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Got kiddo some stuff for his Bday printed off from the library. Cost 4 bucks for about 35.00 worth of banners and decorations had I bought them from a store. This way I got some pretty cool themed pics, doubtful I would have gotten anywhere else. 

Kiddo made something else on lego wall and finally those squigz toys were on the shelf for sign out. Pretty cool toy so will have to grab a set for him. 


Walk was a bit chilly but worth it anyway. Lots of Spring critters out and a bout and many different birds singing in the trees. Saw some pretty purple flowers sprouting out. 


Finished up kiddos Bday cake and all ready. Not his day yet but needed to get it done. 

Found some seeds. Going to have an amazing garden this year. I am so happy I can't wait. I will do a lot of preserving as well this year to have garden goodies all the rest of the year long. Can't wait for what I can give back to the Food bank. I will save the seed bank some seeds, well will try to anyhow. 

He added some water to his track.


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