Friday, 8 April 2022

Day 111 (con't) Day 112 , Day 113 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Kiddos first decade on this plane of existence; Earth was yesterday. Took him to Niagara Falls. It was perfect. He fell in love with Clifton Hill, Canada's kid friendly Vegas. Yes there was a tragedy last night on the hill, and yes just hours earlier we were in the exact spot of said occurrence; but we had been safely inside the hotel room for hours before. 

Pics will tell the story, more than I want to. Was exactly what I wanted for him and each minute was picture perfect.  No order of what we want to share below. 

We were just 2 tics away from the 1000 tokens win.

Some girls gave him their tickets and he was also bumped up at the prize counter, happy kiddo.

First night haul

kiddo does not eat real cake so I made him a mini Kit kat cake in Plants VS Zombies theme.
Mommy had to have a Fishbowl Peach Bellini of course I did.

The service and food for us here was picture perfect also. You know the server you wish to get, she was ours. And yes I over tipped accordingly as she more than deserved it. Just so eerie to being here and then well hours later.....

There was a Japanese couple taking a pic of the girl actually grabbing King Kongs butt and they were in hysterics setting it up. The language barrier was no issue with this. it was so funny and so fun and they showed Zach their pic, guy was laughing so hard though . Of course kiddo needed his own silly pic. Such fun.

Birthday day haul

Saved all the receipts and many other mementos to make kiddo a scrap book of his adventure.

Blessed and full of gratitude that we had the experience we had before hill shut down.

Just for mommy , but I saw a Succulent place on the way up and made a mental note to stop in on way back home. That place is a dream come true for me. 

What we took home bc it will be worth the 2 hour drive to be able to go back and spend the day. Could not stay long this morning.

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