Sunday, 10 April 2022

Day 115 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz.

 Went Easter bunny time shopping right from home. No way to get stuff with Kiddo always in tow so perfect to just click and collect. Just waiting on pick up confirmation and away I will go. The only thing way off with this is they do not tell you where the pick up spots are lol. Drove all around sat in MCD's mobile then called again and realized I was no where near pick up. But all worked out in the end. 

Always have to hit the Dollar Tree if we ae close enough and grab the Wendy's nuggets and toy on the way back home.  Always grab that cheap vinyl, it works perfectly in the Cricut and there is so much on the roll. 

Still just reveling in a Fairy Tale that came through. Private of course but worth noting and using the feel good feeling it brought in hopes to help bring many many more. 

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