Tuesday 12 April 2022

Day 117 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Ahhhhhhh I lived my inner Snow White today.  There is just something so amazingly Magickal when a Chickadee lands and eats from your hand. I can't take it. Pure bliss.

Hit the Library to return some books due, kiddo didn't want to stay way to many noisy wee toddlers. So he just scored himself more stickers and we hit the DQ. Which was full of Highschoolers. Gave mommy a giggle listening to them. 

Was so beautiful a mock summer spring day. Kiddo got a lot of sun his neck little burnt, I got a little sun kissed.

We of course went to the larger park and toured the whole thin and kiddo played. I was just in awe of the woodland creatures.

Absolutely disheartened by the trash left from inconsiderate people. 
Was such a warm beautiful day. Summer is kissing at Springs heels and can not wait for days of heat, but also the Spring and Summer Thunderstorms.

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