Friday 15 April 2022

Day 120 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Outside and getting sun kissed before the storm-ish started. Some high winds and then went chilly but not to bad. 

OMG I found out the Bakery down the street was open today so really that is what today is all about. I wanted a cupcake and a cheesecake and I got myself one of each, problem was picking one, but my choices were the best ones to make. Though now I am going no matter what to the other Bakery, the Scottish one in town for an empire cookie and a blackcurrant cookie. I bake and I could get the4 ingredients myself, but seriously there is something about a bought from the bakery treat that just makes your soul sing. 

On the bakery today I will make a post just for her and a small business local shout out but for now just have a gander at the goods. 

I opted for a carrot cake cupcake with the best pecans I have ever eaten and a mini egg cheesecake as after all about the Pagan holiday this weekend and the Easter Bunny.  I savored both slowly and at 3.75 each well worth it. The joy I had just walking there to get the goods was fun and childlike. The taste of both was amazing. I would have liked some raisins in my cupcake but then it would have been more like a muffin and I didn't want a muffin. The cheesecake, I mean I love that stuff anyway and am going to grab some ingredients and make myself one tomorrow, but this one was so freaking good. Gingers Cupcakery in Preston Ontario is the place. 

As a side note she has these large size paint your own cookies for 5 bucks so I had to grab one for each of my grandkids. My youngest does not eat anything like this. No cookies, no cakes, no pies and while I wish he would; truth be told I am glad he doesn't like any of it so I can have it all to myself. 

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