Saturday 16 April 2022

Day 121 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz.

 Ah the Pink Moon. At it's highest this afternoon but heading out tonight to have a quick peek right after Kiddo passes out and I make the Pagan Easter Bunny make a visit. 

Visited the Library, kiddo was only one in there for quite sometime , so I just let him play for an hour or so. Got a couple more things and headed home. There was a beautiful installation in the art part. 

 I have this book downloaded but needed to have it physically for some reason. I believe in the concept and have had it shown so let's see what it ca do for me. I have a huge list. 

I have decided on an exercise day of rest , though we took a lot of walks and I painted the bathroom. So while my everyday routine was quashed for the day, I still am active. 

Oh my silly kitty, she is high on her cat nip and she made herself covered in it. I may have spilled a bit much to be fair. 

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