Sunday 24 April 2022

Day 129 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Early morning today. Once laundry was in the dryer headed out for clean up. Did a stop at Tims first again for timbits for kiddo.  I actually got myself an apple fritter cause of course. Really jonsing for a donut, it sufficed but not sure what I want. Had a survey coupon for large hot chocolate so grabbed us that so we could have a little breakie before we cleaned up. 

Very proud of my kid though we were out for a full 3 hours cleaning up. Sadly only made a tiny dent. I just can not understand why people litter.  Cigarette buts, Tim Hortons garbage and masks ( shocker... not) were the bulk of the garbage.  Forgot the extra small bag for empties to get some money back though. 

Sadly found a crayfish though he was dead. 

This tree had the coolest root system had to snap a pic.

The sun is my point of power, I love how it beats down through the trees.

Such an amazing day. So many flowers blooming in the yard so beautiful. 

We got an amazing free bike today. While taking a walk to grab a number for eaves cleaners, this house had 4 awesome bikes for free. It is in amazing shape just need to fix the wheel. We needed one so it was such a blessing to find one. I love this time of year, garbage shopping days. 

A neighbor asked if they could gift some fishing gear to Zach so thrilled for that as well. more gifts from being in alignment. 

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