Saturday 30 April 2022

Day 135 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Beautiful day for a walk, some yard clean up, and planting. Kiddo planted some seed bombs he made a few years ago into his old rubber boots. Hope they grow. I planted a bunch of wildflowers for the bees and we planted lettuce into a soil bag. Going to, supposed to, rain next few days so figured good time to plant, well a start anyway. Sowing seeds directly so the last remnants of frost won't hurt. Can not wait to plant the massive garden this year. 

Took a walk. Hit Timmies first for kiddos donuts; only way to get him to take the long walk. Though once we hit shoppers for the vitamin sale, he forgot all about the walk. He found a massive Squishmallow shark and he just had to have it of course. The 50 one was on  sale for 22 bucks so of course he went home with it. The catch was he would have to carry it the whole way. Interesting how no complaints on this walk. We still went to No Frills for a return and mommy needed some mommy juice, so LCBO also. That dang toy was massive though and had to keep it in a cart as to not hit any bottles while mommy got her treat.

He has a mini Gordon this shark, just now he has this massive one. 

This was good mommy juice. 

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