Thursday, 28 April 2022

Witchy/ Magickal/Connection to the Energy Plane READINGS and the like.

 Best part about my abilities is the ease of ability to tap into energy ANYWHERE. 

Buy the package you like include your email no matter in the World where you are and I will send your reading off to you. Written through an email. I have cut social media from my life a couple years now and life is better for it; so email the only way to get your read to you. 

Of course if you are close than I do do in person reads as well.

Can do text as well but Email is best.

Opening up the Magickal Witchy being that I am with an abundance of things, from reads to spells etc but started back up with readings. 

CLICK HERE TO SEND PAYMENT HERE  that link is for my Paypal. CAD or USD funds accepted (par)

$60. 00 per read

$250.00 full year month summary.

Full payment due in full before read, not getting burned again ;) and include your email addy for me to send the read to.  Please allow up to 24 hours for read to be sent dependent on which read and life as I am a single momma. I will contact you through email first to acknowledge receipt of payment and to just do a first check in to let you know working on your read.  Leave a comment if you can not send email in a Paypal message and I will get back to you or leave your email down below if you feel comfortable doing so and I will delete your comment after I copy it. 

Thank you and many Magickal blessings for your day.  

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