Tuesday 31 May 2022

Day 166 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 What a day. 

Tried to fix the mower and was hoping it was just the small needed clean fix, but nope. Tried as many things as I could in my wheelhouse; but problem is motor related. Replacement parts are almost as much as a new whole system so that is what ended up happening. Had to get a new mower. 

Having a Yard Sale in a couple weeks so doing a lot of pricing and going through stuff. Pretty sure won't even have half out so will more than likely have another sale or 2 this Summer. I have a lot of my Handmade Artisan stuff as well. I may Flea Market that stuff for one weekend, but all depends on cost effectiveness or find a shop that takes in really unique Artisan Stuff.

Had no clue we had a heat event today. She was brutal will say that. Back a bit ripe from yesterdays burn so I was covered best as I could today. 

Monday 30 May 2022

Little Tree Wandering Cafe Mini Small Business Shout out ! Cambridge Kinsman Carnival Food Truck Stop

Little Tree a tiny little Magickal Caravan filled with love filled goodies.  The aura of happiness exudes like a rainbow over the little mobile coffee shop. Seriously as a Natural Witch I sense and see these things. 

It was the Molasses Gingerbread cookie that reeled me in from the recon I did after seeing many food trucks will be at the Carnival. 

Faux pas on my part and did not get the picture I needed of the little shop. And such a shame also as it was so freaking tiny and cute. If you follow the link to the Website  🠊 HERE 🠈 you can find out where to find her and if you are close enough, you can get delivery. I have an order I will be placing soon. 

So the Cookie.....

Now Molasses cookies happen to be my very top favorite cookie and that will never change. So much heart and memory making them with my Nana when she was alive with her recipe. Needless to say tall order to stand up to with my own cookies made with my passed down recipe. 

Oh this Cookie stood up to it's Challenge. The scent, the spice, the gooey centre, the taste; ohhh the taste. Not to mention the perfect sugar coating on top. All about the sugar on top, you are not a molasses ginger cookie without. 

I was pretty bummed I only got one cookie cause I would have chowed down at least half a dozen in one sitting. 

They are that good and I highly suggest you stalk this little mini mobile cafe and try one. I have to find try much more as well. 

I could be descriptive and tell you how the ginger and clove danced on your tongue with the end note of sweetness from the sugar coating; and that the scent of the cookie apart from my own memories sprang an instant Fall Samhain/ Yuley vibe! But alas, you should just try one for yourself. 

Absolute perfection on a plate. And to boot a few minutes with my Nana through the energy and memory of Molasses Ginger Cookie. 💖

Day 165 of 365 Days of Life and stuffz

 The day went from 10:30 Am to 4 PM like real quick. Though during that time got the shed cleaned out, mostly and managed a stellar Sunburn. Tackling taking apart the battery Operated lawn mower tomorrow morning. Pretty sure one silly sensor is covered over hence the beeping no start issue. Will see. I shall take it apart , clean it and then see. If no starty after that welp.  Will update tomorrow of course. 

Nothing else today except hella hot out, but love it. Just winding down till kiddo goes to sleep so I can have some quiet.

Oh got another Starbucks gift card today. Right into my app already for freebies. All for playing games in those free moments. Worth it. 

Working on the fair posts. Up soon. Still trying to get everything uploaded. 

Sunday 29 May 2022

Day 164 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Found that Tim Hortons Ice Cream at Giant Tiger this morning. Added it in to the few groceries we bought. Why not, def novelty priced for size but well worth it taste wise. Kiddo did a taste test on the chocolate donut one only flavor he will eat. actually did not think it was a true product but it is. There were pieces of actual donut in it or mock donut something but was really good. May try them all considering how good this one was. 



We spent quite awhile at the Carnival today for last day. Have lots to upload and will make his own post of all the Carnival stuff and his experience as I said so leaving them out of the daily but he had an amazing day today. It was a hot one but beautiful. 

Got all the rest of our belongings today so it was good day for that as well. 

Ah the thistles are blooming, just love Thistles. 


Saturday 28 May 2022

Day 163 of 365 Days of life and Stuffz


Kiddo planting day at our library. So the special mint in that garden is planted by Zach.
Had a visit from my oldest and my grandkids.

Friday 27 May 2022

Day 162 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Starbucks coffee cake is ah-mazing. So delish. Went crazy on a customized drink, but why not. 

Did a bit of shopping at Dollar Tree. These cool characters like knock off Star wars but not kind if toys. Really cool. Kiddo had to get a bunch of them for his nephews also. 

Wandered down to carnival again. Update of course on his blog. Was only a few minutes today. 

Cleaning of garden begins. Will plant this week ahead.

Iris's are a bloom and same as 1 poppy. 

Thursday 26 May 2022

Day 161 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Rain held off most of day which was fabulous. We went out for quite a long walk in the afternoon and again at 5 as the Kinsmen Carnival came into town. Kiddo doing a whole big thing with it so we will be posting a separate post with his Youtube Videos to go with it. Also there are food trucks there so doing a separate blog on any of them that we get something from as some small business shout- outs.

We did walk to see everything getting set up way before opening. 

We had a beautiful walk with many Woodland creatures and things so enjoy all the photos. Crane, snapping turtle, painted turtle, squirrels, chipmunks, birds galore, mallards, geese. Kiddo named the garbage Panda Pancake. He was our friend for sure. Kiddo had fun feeding him.


We got waylaid by the train on our way home. 



Wednesday 25 May 2022

Day 160 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

I swear those Squishmallow toys call out to my Kiddo like a beacon and he finds them. Of course he just has to have the one that called him for he needs it to complete his life. Found such a one today. Gordon the Shark is his fave and he does not have this size and it is a new Spring one so he just had to have it. How he even came to see them at all is why I swear they call to him and line up perfectly. as long as he carries them home all by himself and I have enough cash on me he seems to get his must have life completing toy. They are pure joy for him so that is all that matters. 

Mommy only had one request today for herself and that was to get an Empire and black currant biscuit from the Scottish bakery.

While I have always loved Empires, they need to move over and are being replaced by those Black currant Shortbread , yes the best delish shortbread I have ever had biscuit.  So yummy the Empire also but I had never had one of the black currant biscuits before and I just love it. Mommy needs to get into that bakery way more often. I always pass by the window and just want so much , so I must remember to do that for myself. Sure I can bake it for myself, but there is something about a bakery treat. Worth it to have the experience. Well worth it. 
I also noticed a sign up about having a tea, scone, jam and clotted cream for the Queen, but I actually do not care about that , I just really want to have clotted cream on a jam c\scone for the first time lol. 


Found a Fae display on a yard on our walk to the store today. 

Welp, thankfully the tree branch didn't fall until today and with the car out of the driveway. 

Obvi damaged in the storm more than was first thought. No one hurt and City will come and take care of their tree so no problem whatso -ever 

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Day 159 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Worked a bit today with Kiddo more yard work, more money for the Carnival in a couple days now so that is awesome.

Walked later on as well after. We found one of those Step 2 sandboxes on the side of the road so I had to take it home obviously. we needed one and I wanted one of these  for my kiddo. Just needs a good scrub and a bunch of play sand and perfect. Free is perfect. 

Kiddo was able to go out on to one of the rocks he was waiting for once the river went down. He made the mistake and got a gross soaker but mommy had a clue before we left and actually brought him a change of clothes.

Of course we needed a stop for sweet treats before we went for the walk. Kiddo needed his Timbits and while it is rare for me to get a treat, there was 1 pack of Mrs. Freshley Snow balls at the variety store so I needed to buy them. have not had one for so so long but now I want more. 

There was beautiful Blue Heron but my phone did not take such a great pic. 

Some other pics

Monday 23 May 2022

Day 158 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Almost forgot the time. Been busy busy  creating day and after put Kiddo to bed just let the time get away. But made it. 

Had a huge bunch of Lilacs brought to my door by a neighbor who was out walking and thought we would like them. I just love the scent of Lilacs and wanted a big bunch and voila it just came about. 

Breakfast was awesome. I made a naan Smore. I only had garlic Naans , but holy garlic sure compliments chocolate. Wish I had of had strawberries to go with it, next time. 

I used those foil Easter eggs, Minecraft cereal and marshmallow fluff. 

As strange as the combo it was freaking delish.

Kiddo being silly with Super Mario Photo booth props. He laughed his head off  at his creations.