Monday 2 May 2022

Day 137 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Sometimes you just need to ridiculous buy on sale items. To be fair kiddo loves chocolate and I as going to buy melts anyway to make some character chocolates etc, so really I save a bunch from this buy. Shoppers has the bag of chocolate eggs on for 50 cents. So first I time I saw them for 50 cents the other day I bought 3 and then figured I should get more. Grabbed 10 this morning then while doing some work and moved my candy making I went back again and bought 14 more. So in tots I have 27 bags of chocolate eggs. 

Does not show the near 30 bags of chocolate, but enough for a glimpse. 
Kiddo found some new cereal to try. The fact that it was minecraft creeper cereal only reason he will try it. Will know taste test tomorrow how it fairs. After the amount of Krave that is inedible due to already being open in a sealed pack we need to find something else. 
I have not had this cereal in like forever.  Kiddo may try this also. All cereal in our house is just snack eats and not used with milk. 
Lilacs are starting. Can not wait to bake some lilac honey cookies. Will put up the recipe.

Just some bleeding hearts blooming. 

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