Friday 13 May 2022

Day 146, 147, 148 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Ah catch up. 

We were on an adventure. 9 hours both ways and just finally home and getting ready to just sleep.

  Had to go and grab some belongings and end a chapter. Rest of belongings need to be picked up.

Lots of stops and things to do. 

Enjoy the few pics, we just were in the moment.

A bunny in the front yard before our journey began.

Didn't get a pic obviously but a Moose darted out at 8:42 AM on HWY 11 (extremely rare morning encounter), no one hurt on his first pass.Not sure if he ran back again. 

Took me 10 years to finally stop here at this Candy Store on Highway 11. So worth it. Kiddo has done some videos doing it's own post just a sneak peak. So much more than a candy store.

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