Sunday 15 May 2022

Day 150 of 365 Dayz of Life and Stuffz

 Oh I ate to much breaking my fast food. Not complaining of course in terms of it was all so good. But took a massive piece.  Among all the other yummies I just had to have. 

Can not believe the amount of stuff I have. I have downsized so much but always stuff. Going through a mass amount of stuff we brought home from the trailer and downsizing even more. Guess I didn't get rid of as much as I thought. In the end stuff is just stuff with no importance, plus there is always an abundance of it. Clearly it finds it's way to you as evident by what I am going through today. 

Glad to have all of my Witchy wares back and a lot of my handmade gifts and stuff to sell. 

Sneaking out for the Full Moon tonight. 


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