Monday, 16 May 2022

Day 151 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Ah that Moon and Eclipse last night. The Energy and power in he air so powerful and phenomenal.  Of course we needed to clear the cloud cover; but that was Magickal all in itself. A couple UFOs up there enjoying being covered. 

I captured the Energy in the air last night also, could feel it and see it.

Giddy childhood wonderment that was so needed for me. 

The addition of the Thunder and Lightening made it even more sublime.

My kittie , who rarely goes downstairs, came  down. Love my Familiar. 

Woo Starbucks game is back. Win some points on first spin. Did I acknowledge getting yet another Starbucks gift card just for playing games yesterday?? I did lol.

Walked to Giant Tiger for a couple goodies. (Maybe the LCBO also for some REV)

Saw so many Magickal Flowers.

I can not believe the vibrant purple these lilacs were. have never seen any this deep purple before. 

Have some lilacs out front and going to make some sugar cookies in the morning and add a few lilacs, maybe sugar some for the top. Will add the recipe if I do. 

Ah wishes, kiddo and I blew some out into the World. 


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