Saturday 21 May 2022

Day 156 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Well migraine left at 9 pm today so that was good. Sigh.

So what a crazy day. Must have been Tornado for sure wiped through at 12:33 pm est ish here in Preston. Have a few pics of some of the damage. Lots happened but no sense in going into it. we were safe, we were lucky and even though Hydro could have been out for us till June 5, it has come back. with rolling outages of course while they fix all the other problems. Sadly found a squirrel that had been killed by the tree that he was on when it feel , but saw this dove eating her heart out from someone's bird feeder that feel also. 


Found some beautiful Lilacs on our way walking through town. I mean it was a perfect science class for kiddo since we unschool and always have. 

We did have to venture out to get some supplies just in case and while out hit up a Dollar Tree and got some more vinyl of course. That stuff is great and works just as well as the higher priced stuff. Also found some pens that work even better than the higher priced markers also and I got 2 in a pack. 

I mean gross but seriously there was actual crap on the floor at the LCBO today. Seriously what the heck is wrong with people.

Kiddo finally passed out, was going to go out and have an end the day drink on the porch but after a very long migraine due to all the pressure in the air, just gonna take it easy and likely fall asleep. Of course I am playing games too cause almost close to more free Starbucks money. LOVE IT.

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