Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Day 160 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

I swear those Squishmallow toys call out to my Kiddo like a beacon and he finds them. Of course he just has to have the one that called him for he needs it to complete his life. Found such a one today. Gordon the Shark is his fave and he does not have this size and it is a new Spring one so he just had to have it. How he even came to see them at all is why I swear they call to him and line up perfectly. as long as he carries them home all by himself and I have enough cash on me he seems to get his must have life completing toy. They are pure joy for him so that is all that matters. 

Mommy only had one request today for herself and that was to get an Empire and black currant biscuit from the Scottish bakery.

While I have always loved Empires, they need to move over and are being replaced by those Black currant Shortbread , yes the best delish shortbread I have ever had biscuit.  So yummy the Empire also but I had never had one of the black currant biscuits before and I just love it. Mommy needs to get into that bakery way more often. I always pass by the window and just want so much , so I must remember to do that for myself. Sure I can bake it for myself, but there is something about a bakery treat. Worth it to have the experience. Well worth it. 
I also noticed a sign up about having a tea, scone, jam and clotted cream for the Queen, but I actually do not care about that , I just really want to have clotted cream on a jam c\scone for the first time lol. 


Found a Fae display on a yard on our walk to the store today. 

Welp, thankfully the tree branch didn't fall until today and with the car out of the driveway. 

Obvi damaged in the storm more than was first thought. No one hurt and City will come and take care of their tree so no problem whatso -ever 

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