Monday 30 May 2022

Day 165 of 365 Days of Life and stuffz

 The day went from 10:30 Am to 4 PM like real quick. Though during that time got the shed cleaned out, mostly and managed a stellar Sunburn. Tackling taking apart the battery Operated lawn mower tomorrow morning. Pretty sure one silly sensor is covered over hence the beeping no start issue. Will see. I shall take it apart , clean it and then see. If no starty after that welp.  Will update tomorrow of course. 

Nothing else today except hella hot out, but love it. Just winding down till kiddo goes to sleep so I can have some quiet.

Oh got another Starbucks gift card today. Right into my app already for freebies. All for playing games in those free moments. Worth it. 

Working on the fair posts. Up soon. Still trying to get everything uploaded. 

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