Monday, 30 May 2022

Little Tree Wandering Cafe Mini Small Business Shout out ! Cambridge Kinsman Carnival Food Truck Stop

Little Tree a tiny little Magickal Caravan filled with love filled goodies.  The aura of happiness exudes like a rainbow over the little mobile coffee shop. Seriously as a Natural Witch I sense and see these things. 

It was the Molasses Gingerbread cookie that reeled me in from the recon I did after seeing many food trucks will be at the Carnival. 

Faux pas on my part and did not get the picture I needed of the little shop. And such a shame also as it was so freaking tiny and cute. If you follow the link to the Website  🠊 HERE 🠈 you can find out where to find her and if you are close enough, you can get delivery. I have an order I will be placing soon. 

So the Cookie.....

Now Molasses cookies happen to be my very top favorite cookie and that will never change. So much heart and memory making them with my Nana when she was alive with her recipe. Needless to say tall order to stand up to with my own cookies made with my passed down recipe. 

Oh this Cookie stood up to it's Challenge. The scent, the spice, the gooey centre, the taste; ohhh the taste. Not to mention the perfect sugar coating on top. All about the sugar on top, you are not a molasses ginger cookie without. 

I was pretty bummed I only got one cookie cause I would have chowed down at least half a dozen in one sitting. 

They are that good and I highly suggest you stalk this little mini mobile cafe and try one. I have to find try much more as well. 

I could be descriptive and tell you how the ginger and clove danced on your tongue with the end note of sweetness from the sugar coating; and that the scent of the cookie apart from my own memories sprang an instant Fall Samhain/ Yuley vibe! But alas, you should just try one for yourself. 

Absolute perfection on a plate. And to boot a few minutes with my Nana through the energy and memory of Molasses Ginger Cookie. 💖

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