Thursday, 30 June 2022

Day 196 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Hard to believe already to July. Last half of the year. Excited to see what it brings as there has been lots of Magick this year. Planning on keeping the momentum going and being more mindfull. 

Perfect day for a Vodka mixed summer drink and trying to get some burn on my legs. Even out the difference lol. Not much luck today. 

Kiddo is living in the pool and loving it. So glad he has that. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Day 195 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

Once much needed rain subsided walked to Giant Tiger for a couple things. Kiddo grabbed himself 2 chocolate bars, I splurged for myself and then he eats both of his and finishes my Toblerone which I was saying 3 pieces for me tomorrow. I spent 10 minutes trying to find the chocolate in the snack box realizing little sneaker took it and left the package. I knew I should have bought 2. 

Working on some felt animal toys for kiddo. 1 done, 1 on the go and make a couple more.

Past a perfect leaf on the way on our walk so kiddo wanted a pic. 

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The Sun Plays with the Moon

Written by Alicia Mofford

Illustrated by Annie Wilkinson

Ages 3-10 | 24 Pages

Publisher: Green Emerald Publishing | ISBN-13: 9798985036619

The Sun and the Moon are best friends playing a never-ending game of tag in the sky. Many fascinating changes occur on Earth as they catch each other, hug each other, and give each other high-fives. What are those fascinating changes? Their playfulness creates eclipses, ocean tides, sunlight, and moonbeams that benefit us all.

“Award-winning finalist in the poetry-narrative category.”

The International Book Awards




Barnes and Noble

Author's Website for Signed Copies



Alicia Mofford is an international award-winning finalist author and native to the tropical island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Today, she calls Chicago her home. When she isn’t writing, Alicia is likely spending time with her family or playing with her dogs. Alicia works in the software industry and follows her muse after work. Whenever inspiration strikes, she is ready! The Sun Plays with the Moon was written in one day. It is safe to say that Alicia follows the mystery of her muse!

You can find her at


Sun and Moon Magick Clay Beads

A perfect playtime sensory craft.

Paint, color with markers, crayons, pencil crayons, use paper and glue; all to decorate your beads. You can leave the hole step out if you don't want beads and just make mini sun and moon mini figures. With left over clay you could add a black cat or any creation also just for fun.

You can even add glitter, sand specks, mini beads, bits, and baubles to clay before it hardens.

To make bead once you make shape you can make a hole with a toothpick by going in circular motion or just use a straw end. This step needs to be done before any drying time.

I made a salt dough clay, but you can use any recipe you have or grab some clay from the dollar store.

I air dried my beads under the sun and the moon to add their Magicks into my clay. Let dry completely before colouring in. Flip your pieces over a few times, hours in between each turn to give each side a chance to dry.

Salt Dough Recipe I used was just 1:1:1 ratio of salt, water , flour and added in more salt and flour equally to get perfect dough consistency for me.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Day 194 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz


Awe raspberries are starting to bloom. So little and cute ones but bet they will taste yummy. 
Moved the ivy to the fence. That way it will grow and take over full fence and add some privacy to back yard. Also looks beautiful on fences too; instead of getting into gutters, eaves and causing damage to building. Though I would have left it on the outside wall if I could have. 

 These potatoes are amazing at how much they are growing. feeling we may have even more thank I thought we would have. 

Not our garbage can but this shows just how big the neighborhood raccoon is, the size of his paws man. They are a family and the "dad" is massive.

Kiddo spent a long time in pool this morning until he turned blue and it took awhile to get him warmed up, and of course after our walk today he went back in for a bit more but when his whole body began to shiver I had to sternly make him get out. At least he is enjoying himself.

We went back to see the tadpoles and how they were fairing and well, mini , tiny cutest little baby frogs. 

Kiddo loved them and so shocked to see them.

Found a Seagull hang out. 

We found 4 Woodpeckers in the trees. This one posed for us and got photobombed by his buddy. 

Have to call it quits till fall or cold days before we go that route again. Almost no shade and full sun heat so will be taking different ways for walks. Just to hot, beautiful but with how long of a trail and time we walk not good. 

Monday, 27 June 2022

Day 193 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


OMG, Climbing Boston Ivy vine, which is growing up our wall and was totally manifested by me out of no where and I am so happy. I love love lovvvveee climbing ivy vines on a house. Such an amazing manifestation. 
So yikes. Insane amount of very very large ants and their larva. 

  Not to mention how they are eating the deck away. We got out the cinnamon and they left quick. 

Few flowers and succulent pics from our out and about today. 

Kiddo had an aphid friend hitch a ride on his shoe. During walk back from Giant Tiger. 
This was beautiful and English Ivy climbing up a tree, love it. Saw this first before I saw the climbing vine here. 
Some crazy bug, that looked like a cross between many bugs including a scorpion.
Tried to get a pic of the very cool spider and web across the front steps. That red speck is the spider.

Kiddo trying to grow some Sea Monkeys, I hope they grow for him. They are so cool to watch . 

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Chris Wieland’s The Crabtree Monsters! Book Tour



 Smart, Tough and Determined Characters for mystery genre readers 

Try this thorny problem: You’ve got this acquaintance who’s convinced he and his whole family are cursed to eventually be hunted and killed by a giant, ghostly dog. It sounds ridiculous, but then, people in his neighborhood start seeing the dog. And they start dying. And cause of death is clearly … dog.

Holy cow! On one hand, there can’t really be a supernatural dog hunting people down, right? But if not, that means someone is making it look like there is. Finding the truth could be difficult … and dangerous. Who’s going to get to the bottom of this?!

I know. It’s Sherlock Holmes, and I’m describing The Hound of the Baskervilles. Bear with me. I’m making a point.

How about … there’s this rich man who dies and wills his fortune to people living in the apartment building you call home (which he owned). To get the estate, you have to solve a series of puzzles he left behind. Oh, and maybe one of the potential heirs (probably not you, but who knows?) is also a murderer.

OMG! Who’s going to solve the puzzles and get the fortune?! And wait, one of your neighbors might be a killer? Is it safe to leave your room?!

Relax. I know I’m talking about The Westing Game, and I know Turtle Wexler is the hero who cracks the puzzles and wins the day. But who is Turtle to you, the reader? Think it over.

One more: Let’s say there’s a group of robbers who targets the branches of a mid westernbank. They not only rob them, but they blow them up. What’s more, the people who live nearby celebrate the robbers as heroes. Then things get messier when the chief of police(who’s also your grandfather) is accused of being one of the robbers himself. Is he? Was he framed? Who are the real robbers, and why are they viewed in a positive light?

Once again, someone – you – have to figure it out. But these are bank robbers. If you get in their way, would you put your life – and the lives of the people you care about – in danger?

You might not know this one. It’s the plot of my middle grade mystery The CrabtreeMonsters, which hit bookshelves in May 2022. It’s a fun read, and I hope you’ll check it out (you can buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or read it on the Hoopla app at your public library).

In my book, the hero’s name is Kat Dylan. She’s a tough, smart 13-year-old girl detective who’s not afraid to run afoul of the adults in her life if it means getting at the truth, saving her grandfather, or protecting her sk8er boi brother Alec.

But Kat isn’t really just Kat. Like Turtle and Sherlock, she’s a stand-in for you, the reader. Sure, I could say that about the protagonist of any book, in any genre. When we love to read, half the fun is sinking into the shoes of our heroes, seeing the world as they do, and making their heroic journeys ours.

But mystery novels feel different. Mostly because the heroes – Kat, Sherlock, Turtle or any of them – really could be a version of you. Maybe not the version sitting there reading these books (or this blog), but a squint-a-little-and-you’ll-see-what-I-mean version of you.

A version that’s smarter, tougher, more determined. Someone up for the challenge of any puzzle. Someone who’ll laugh at danger (or, if not laugh, at least outmaneuver).

In other words, not the you who’d rather go home for a night of binge watching Netflix. Sherlock, Turtle and Kat have zero time for that. Neither do the other private eyes, cops and talented amateurs on the mystery shelves at your local library or bookstore.

That’s really what separates our detective heroes from us, right? They’re not born of some magical lineage. They don’t have super powers. They live in cities and towns like we do. They’re not necessarily richer or better than us.

They’re just smart. We might be smart, too, but they put it to use in a way we wish we could. They’re tough enough to keep going when things get difficult or dangerous. They don’t quit. Not until the bad guys are stopped and there’s something like justice. Which is good, because those bad guys won’t quit either, unless someone stops them.

In mysteries, even sidekicks are smart, tough and determined. Take Dr. Watson. Is he a blundering oaf? Nope. He’s an MD and author, so smart he actually understands Holmes (most of the time). He’s also a tough former soldier who took a bullet in the war and still seeks adventure. When Holmes springs into action, Watson wants his share.

How cool is that?

This is why I started writing mysteries. I loved the genre’s tropes – the puzzles, villains, the red herrings and double-crosses. But I’m also a dad who wants his kids to have heroes they can look up to and who feel vaguely familiar. I heard echoes of the traits I admire in fictional detectives in them, and I wanted to cultivate that. As I wrote The Crabtree Monsters, my primary editor and sounding board was my smart, fierce tween, who helped me nail Kat’s voice and understand her drive. Going back and forth on the book, Kat became my kid’s alter ego. My kid became more fearless, unafraid to confront injustices at home and at school, unwilling to give up.

Of course, that’s when I learned that inspiring your kid with tough, smart detectives is a double-edged sword. Sure, who wouldn’t want a smart kid who takes on any adversary to do what’s right?

Except … when you’re that kid’s dad, it’s a matter of time before you’re the adversary. And you’re pitted against a tough, smart kid who won’t rest until the bad guy (you) is defeated. Maybe I should’ve made my hero a little less determined.

Nah. I’ll still take this over binge watching.



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One (1) grand prize winner receives:

A signed copy of The Crabtree Monsters and a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card.

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A signed copy of The Crabtree Monsters.

The Crabtree Monsters Book Giveaway



The Crabtree Monsters

Written by Chris Wieland

Ages 10+ | 384 Pages

Publisher: The Smart Aleck Press | ISBN-13: 9798985701302

Publisher’s Synopsis: Moving from Los Angeles to tiny Crabtree, Michigan, is the last thing thirteen-year-old Kat Dylan wants to do. Crabtree’s seen better days and isn’t what you call welcoming. Worse, the move means living with her gruff Grandpa Nick, the town’s police chief, and having to look after her little brother, Alec.

And that’s before Kat and Alec find themselves in the middle of a bank holdup by the Monster Gang—four robbers in monster masks. Before the heist is over, the kids lose their cash and Alec comes within a hair of losing his life. When it is all over, Grandpa Nick goes to jail, accused of being one of the robbers himself.

Suddenly, this boring little town isn’t so boring anymore. Kat’s determined to find out who the men are behind the masks, and she’s going to need help. But exposing the robbers could have big consequences. The deeper Kat goes, the more she learns life is about making choices, including some that are a matter of life and death.




Chris Wieland is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. He is also the father of two fierce children, including a tough, smart tween who helped him find the voice of his protagonist, Kat Dylan. He lives in Southern California with his family.

For more information, visit

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Day 192 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Got much more accomplished today but still not so much. Eh sometimes you just need to slow down. 

Gotta say though my beast of a kittie knows how to veg out on.

That British TV show Outlaws by Stephen Merchant is really good. 

Yes back to go go tomorrow. 

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Day 191 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 I did absolutely nothing today but veg out and rewatch all seasons of A Discovery of Witches. 

Personally dislike the books and could not even get through the first chapter of the first book; but love the series made from them. 

Had lots of plans for the day but meh. Always on the go and just did nothing. 

Friday, 24 June 2022

Day 190 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 I love how my kiddo sees beauty in Nature. Taught him well for sure. Find beauty in little things and they become the big things and bring bigger things. 

Little bit of a shopping ish morning. Did a drop off of stuff to UpTown Thrift. They do so much for the youth in the community only place I would ever donate.  Grab some tickets for the food crawl on the 8th next month and had to get the kiddo pool noodle. We grabbed a bit of groceries. If we had a separate freezer,  I would have stocked up on so much bread and bakery stuff. I have never seen so much stuff with a 50% off tag before. Did get a few things of course, especially the cinnabon cinnamon buns OMG. Half price and so amazing. I know what I will be stuffing my face with tomorrow during eating time. I add raisins to it, as for me a cinnamon bun must have raisins.

We did take a  walk later on  kid wanted some timbits and we got a few other things, but yikes was hot. We zigzagged our route to be as under cover of trees and shade as possible. Of course some beautiful flowers etc  in peoples yards on the way. 

This one went out of focus, so I just imagine the Fae blurred it cause they were in the picture. 

The size of this ivy just amazing and huge.