Tuesday 7 June 2022

Cambridge Kinsman Carnival Weekend end of May 2022

 Opening night Thursday May 26 2022

This monkey mirror maze ride thing. The kid in before Zach smashed his head soo many times, I can see it being the reason it was shut down early. 

I made it. 

Toy haul from first night of games.

Grabbing my Slush.  
Buying his own Cotton Candy 

Duck game 
Living his best life... Slushy and the inflatable win from that strong man game. 

Friday May 27 2022
We went for about an hour for kiddo just to have enough time to play a few games and grab yet another slush. We high tailed it though within the hour of getting there thanks to will there be the storm with the thunder or not. We were walking so not chancing it at all. Kiddo wanted to save his tickets till his nephews could go Saturday, but plans changed and we did not go back and kiddo and I went back on Sunday. in his own words, BEST CARNIVAL DAY EVERRRRRR.
Toy Haul from the games for tonight's brief visit.

Sunday May 29 2022
 First ride on a roller coaster. Which he will never do again he says. We used up most of the tickets on the Bumper Cars and he loved them. 


Scored a big toy haul on his last day at the Carnival. The long green noise maker thing he was handed from a security guard while we were in line one of the times waiting for the Bumpers. He was thrilled. Only kid handed one. Helps he is a lone kiddo with just his mom. 

He had his serious gamer luck on. He pulled large prize wins from the random win 3 times in a row. he manifested that Narwhal. He wanted it so bad so we turned around and he could try again at that game before we headed home. 

The day was insane on Sunday, so many people which is awesome. So happy to see it busy like that. I am sure Saturday was insane busy as well, but we were no where near that day. 

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