Saturday, 4 June 2022

Day 170 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Best day ever when you only order and pay for 2 cookies but she sneaks an extra one in the bag for you. 

Holy Yard Sale haul today as well. 

Church down the Street had a huge sale and we were there for opening at 8 am. Kiddo went sale crazy. Huge Spiderman plush ty oy, tons of brand new craft sets, Halloween, Easter, Xmas decorations, some figurines and tons more. We got a lot of "treasures", spent $28 on our treasures and 8 bucks on Apple Dumplings, massive ones having for breakfast tomorrow with Nanaimo Ice Cream, so can not wait for that. Then stopped at a small one on the way home and spent 6 there. Kiddo got fishing stuff and I got a lot of felt. 

Spent hours outside getting yard ready, working on garden and planted some stuff. Kiddo made his own garden. Will grab some pics tomorrow if I remember. He was living his best life soakiing himself with the hose. 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend where you are. 

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