Sunday 5 June 2022

Day 171 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Lots of cleaning and sorting. But as you seem to sort, a heck of a lot more stuff just Magickally appears out of the junk nether regions. No where near to having everything sorted but will all get done eventually. 
 Had to fix kiddos garden thanks to little furry critters. Topped it off with that material fence, hope it helps. 
Planted lots more but still working on garden. Didn't do near as much as I wanted but just needed a break from it today for sure. He has his Halloween garden. 1 row of Jack o Lantern and 4 rows of decorative only little white pumpkins. I love that they will grow and it will be the best Halloween garden ever. 
 Scored some old TY McDonald beanies still in packages. Millennium Bear and The End Bear. Also the Canada Bear but kiddo opened that one already. Hey they are toys, ply with them. Just crazy that those were the 3 I got bc we never got those ones when they came out and my Nana was trying to help me get them. Course I already had my oldest when they came out but she still helped me look. Always a kiddo myself at heart and soul. 
 Washed about 55 plush toys today and they are hanging in my room on a make shift line to dry through. Rainy where we are so had to dry them indoors. Quite comical as I am having to duck under them to write this Blog.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and your week ahead is the best ever. 

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