Monday 6 June 2022

Day 172 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


Oh had the apple dumpling from the Church sale thing. Holy yum. This was the best one I have ever has in my life. The addition of the marshmallow fluff for dipping was a great idea. The only thing with the dough , which that itself was just about the best ever, just needed some salt in the dough. I was going to share the other one I brought home but forget it. I am eating that one too. As long as still in the freezer. 

Got in a quick walk before the rains started, supposed to last a bit so wanted to make sure we had some outside in. 
Working on my indoor Sempervivum garden as it was raining and not wanting to be outside today. Had to add some extra Magick for the indoor House Fae Folk 😉. Saw the cutest clover/shamrocks so had to pull them up so I could plant the perfect bunch in my indoor garden. 

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