Saturday, 11 June 2022

Day 177 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Such an amazing Yard Sale Today. 10 homes in total and the amount of steady stream visits was just great. Seems everyone did fairly well. My kiddo made some perler creations and he sold out made quite a fair bit of cash. So proud of him and he was so happy and proud of himself. He is quite the seller. He got a few toys and things from other sales we were lucky enough to take a few minutes to see all the other sales. 


He had to but this necklace and alien. They were the picture worthy ones. 
Have to have Timbits, of course he was on a 7 Day Challenge of no Timbits, but of course a friend of mine brought them over and you just have to have them. 

His bucket after just a few minutes of selling. 
He started with about 38 creations, some 1.00 some 25 cents and he sold out. Making quite a bit more than he should of; but mommy saw some people just hand him change for just having made things and having his own table. So proud I decided to go in for a pop up shop for him at a market in the summer and see how he does. 

I think more for myself just loved seeing everyone out. The ran held off and was warm  and beautiful. 

Such an amazing lady stopped in last people of the day. She was telling me about her long day and being so tired and just ready for a nap bc her feet hurt etc; but she just smiled and said but whatever I am happy no matter, just be happy. And it stuck. While I believe that no matter what is going on, be happy somehow. It stuck. One of those moments. 

I packed up and decided to maybe run another one at another time this summer, or next,  or who knows. 

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