Sunday 12 June 2022

Day 178 of 365 Days of Life and Stffz

 Kiddo had an ahmaazing day spending his Yard Sale money and all of mine as well to boot. 

We hit the mall and Starbucks for some awesome drinks. I did manage to keep enough for me to get 2 large French Mint bars from Laura Secord,...... divineness. 

The size of this Mushroom is much bigger than the pic can convey. He shoulddd have waited till next month to get this massive plush but store was not restocking after it was gone as it was the only one so i could not bear that it be gone so I bought it. Hey it is all about joy in life and I was so proud of him yesterday we got it. 
Some fun candy.
We needed these Sea Monkeys lol.
Just showing what my customized drink was, as it is now the best mix ever for Blue Curacao. Dragon Fruit drink with the actual fruit chunks, added peach and coconut milk base. 

Kiddo got a few more toys but he wants to do videos and only has this one done so far for todays post. 

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