Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Day 180 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Nothing beats a Currant Biscuit for breaky. Figured what the heck. Can not pass by the window of the Rising Dough Bakery without going in. Always used to just walk right by, but all about the moments. So excited to see they will be part of the Food Crawl on July 8th so can not wait. Out of the 3 samples I am getting 2. They will be my first stop as I do not want to not get their offerings. Scone and jam and Empire cookie. 

Had my garden time. setting up pool tomorrow no matter what( as I say that now lol); would have been perfect to take a dip today. The pool will help get my kid outside more.

Kiddo Halloween garden is sprouting awesome. Jack o Lanterns and Decorative only little white Pumpkins.

We will be making some cool decorations to add in and signs to accentuate it.

Some pretty flowers we saw on morning walk.

I never really share myself but popping in with a pic to just say hi and thanks for stopping in. Hoping that you have some Magickal SunKissed Summer days. 

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