Saturday 18 June 2022

Day 184 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 There was a pretty cool vendor thingy down at the large park here in town. Of course my kid scored quite a bit of stuff. Most handmade and some store bought stuff. 

There was a few amazing special shops but each of them deserve their own separate long form shout outs and posts. Have to do some research and collect some links and get them written up this week hopefully at some point. 

I found amazing Thistles on the way there. It was all I could do to stop myself from uprooting them and taking them home. Thistles are my most favorite plant. 

While I can not shout out Scentsy in it's own post, as MLM and not about doing that, I will say though that I do love Scentsy. I really do. 
I love samples also but even more so when you get the coolest free sample bag with many scents in it, cut into cute little figures. The bag smells divine. 
I did get a little purchase of a Harry Potter scent , and Christmas Cottage scent circle. Love that I got a lip balm free with purchase in the bag. 

Oops almost forgot the cool Witchy patterned leggings for only 5 bucks 

Will try and find all the goodies kiddo got to put together a pic and add it in to tomorrows day. He took stuff so quick and then I was down with migraine rest of day , and still have it. 

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