Thursday 23 June 2022

Day 189 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Neighbors' yard work day and I had o cut the grass. Not an issue in itself but her whole front lawn covered with mini wild strawberries and the devastation in having to cut over them. I wanted to uproot them all and take them home. I have not seen wild strawberries like that in years, couple decades honestly at least. So cute so vibrant, smelled delicious and tasted that way too. 

Are they seriously not just the cutest thing ever. So small. I always believed that they were so tiny and cute like this cause they fed the Fae Folk. 

See these berries on very large trees around town also. I have no clue what they are. 

And seriously I want to eat some every time I pass but I do not know if I can or not. They look like a black berry or boysenberry but don't think that is how they grow on those massive trees like that. But will def do some digging. 

Got a few things from the market , hit up Giant Tiger for a quick couple things, mostly cause kiddo wanted chocolate bars. 

He found the most perfect leaf and brought it home. 

Kid spent 3 hours in the pool today. Only decided time to get out when he went freezing all of a sudden. 

Been trying to get a splinter out of my thumb for since 2 pm, almost 10 and not budging. So tiny and wedged in; it is just going to have to work its way out. 

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