Friday, 24 June 2022

Day 190 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 I love how my kiddo sees beauty in Nature. Taught him well for sure. Find beauty in little things and they become the big things and bring bigger things. 

Little bit of a shopping ish morning. Did a drop off of stuff to UpTown Thrift. They do so much for the youth in the community only place I would ever donate.  Grab some tickets for the food crawl on the 8th next month and had to get the kiddo pool noodle. We grabbed a bit of groceries. If we had a separate freezer,  I would have stocked up on so much bread and bakery stuff. I have never seen so much stuff with a 50% off tag before. Did get a few things of course, especially the cinnabon cinnamon buns OMG. Half price and so amazing. I know what I will be stuffing my face with tomorrow during eating time. I add raisins to it, as for me a cinnamon bun must have raisins.

We did take a  walk later on  kid wanted some timbits and we got a few other things, but yikes was hot. We zigzagged our route to be as under cover of trees and shade as possible. Of course some beautiful flowers etc  in peoples yards on the way. 

This one went out of focus, so I just imagine the Fae blurred it cause they were in the picture. 

The size of this ivy just amazing and huge. 

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