Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Day 194 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz


Awe raspberries are starting to bloom. So little and cute ones but bet they will taste yummy. 
Moved the ivy to the fence. That way it will grow and take over full fence and add some privacy to back yard. Also looks beautiful on fences too; instead of getting into gutters, eaves and causing damage to building. Though I would have left it on the outside wall if I could have. 

 These potatoes are amazing at how much they are growing. feeling we may have even more thank I thought we would have. 

Not our garbage can but this shows just how big the neighborhood raccoon is, the size of his paws man. They are a family and the "dad" is massive.

Kiddo spent a long time in pool this morning until he turned blue and it took awhile to get him warmed up, and of course after our walk today he went back in for a bit more but when his whole body began to shiver I had to sternly make him get out. At least he is enjoying himself.

We went back to see the tadpoles and how they were fairing and well, mini , tiny cutest little baby frogs. 

Kiddo loved them and so shocked to see them.

Found a Seagull hang out. 

We found 4 Woodpeckers in the trees. This one posed for us and got photobombed by his buddy. 

Have to call it quits till fall or cold days before we go that route again. Almost no shade and full sun heat so will be taking different ways for walks. Just to hot, beautiful but with how long of a trail and time we walk not good. 

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