Wednesday, 29 June 2022

The Sun Plays with the Moon book tour!




Enter for the chance to win a tote, a book bag, a book-marker, and a signed hardcover copy of The Sun Plays with the Moon. The bags are handmade in the USA.

One (1) grand prize winner receives:

- A tote (Handmade in USA)

- A book bag (Handmade in USA)

- A book-marker

-A signed hardcover copy of The Sun Plays with the Moon

Four (4) winners receive:

- A signed hardcover copy of The Sun Plays with the Moon

The Sun PLays with the Moon Book Giveaway



The Sun Plays with the Moon

Written by Alicia Mofford

Illustrated by Annie Wilkinson

Ages 3-10 | 24 Pages

Publisher: Green Emerald Publishing | ISBN-13: 9798985036619

The Sun and the Moon are best friends playing a never-ending game of tag in the sky. Many fascinating changes occur on Earth as they catch each other, hug each other, and give each other high-fives. What are those fascinating changes? Their playfulness creates eclipses, ocean tides, sunlight, and moonbeams that benefit us all.

“Award-winning finalist in the poetry-narrative category.”

The International Book Awards




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Alicia Mofford is an international award-winning finalist author and native to the tropical island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Today, she calls Chicago her home. When she isn’t writing, Alicia is likely spending time with her family or playing with her dogs. Alicia works in the software industry and follows her muse after work. Whenever inspiration strikes, she is ready! The Sun Plays with the Moon was written in one day. It is safe to say that Alicia follows the mystery of her muse!

You can find her at


Sun and Moon Magick Clay Beads

A perfect playtime sensory craft.

Paint, color with markers, crayons, pencil crayons, use paper and glue; all to decorate your beads. You can leave the hole step out if you don't want beads and just make mini sun and moon mini figures. With left over clay you could add a black cat or any creation also just for fun.

You can even add glitter, sand specks, mini beads, bits, and baubles to clay before it hardens.

To make bead once you make shape you can make a hole with a toothpick by going in circular motion or just use a straw end. This step needs to be done before any drying time.

I made a salt dough clay, but you can use any recipe you have or grab some clay from the dollar store.

I air dried my beads under the sun and the moon to add their Magicks into my clay. Let dry completely before colouring in. Flip your pieces over a few times, hours in between each turn to give each side a chance to dry.

Salt Dough Recipe I used was just 1:1:1 ratio of salt, water , flour and added in more salt and flour equally to get perfect dough consistency for me.

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