Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Day 209 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Just a bunch of randomness for the day. Bought kiddo a few more things from Vat19 had to use up the gift card of course. 

Bought him a couple more Beanie Boo plushies and some naturopath allergy meds. Too much pollen and whatever affected him from the walk through the major overgrown brush., Which we will not go back till fall or winter when died off. No clue of the cause so best not walk that way. He found a 4 leaf clover there so that is a perfect way to find new routes for walks. Not sure why city has not cut anything back. Too much sketch stuff happening out there too. 

Switched to getting Walmart gift cards from Mistplay now. You can print them off and use them in store so going to have a free Christmas/Yule this year or pretty close. I do love my Starbucks, but figured might as well see how much I can grab for free. If not gifts could get lots of treats. 

Fall is out there I can feel the winds of change. 

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