Tuesday 19 July 2022

Day 215 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Holy crap hot one. 

My kids IKEA day bed thingy has been in pieces for almost a year in my moms basement. No room, no mattress for it etc. Finally he could have it back. So happy to have done that for him but come on, lol it took me hours to get it back together. Mind if I had of had help not as long, but with just me little bit of an effort. I took a few breaks etc so not as long as it dragged out. But seriously I am a She Ra over here. 

Final photo obvi but so glad he has it back. His room is coming together. Next mine and can not wait. 

From start....

to finish. AND I DID IT ALL MYSELF, well the physical lifting. I did need help from a Youtuber to help me piece it back together. Thankfully all the mundane was done before.  I used this guy. 

No affiliation or anything he just helped me out from afar. I sure do wish I had a man around everyday though seriously. 

My kiddos Pumpkins are flowering and I am soooo excited. For him to have his own pumpkins for Samhain this year is just Magickal, I can not wait. 

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