Friday 22 July 2022

Day 218 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Kiddo went and got fresh with a new do today. 

Pick not the best as the wind was lowing, but he has a perfect boy cut. 

Oooh Dollarama you are shady. They have upped to 5 bucks I guess since last week; but they have stuff still priced at 4 bucks but ringing up at 4.75 and 5 bucks. Would never have bought anything over 4 bucks, but was to late when I realized what they were doing. The shelves said 4 for 2 specific items but over charged. As with Dollarama anyway , if you do not catch it before they cash out, you are screwed. They do not refund in anyway and make you get something else off the shelf. I saw too late that they had done me dirty to be able to even grab something else. That will be the last ever visit to Dollarama, sticking with Dollar Tree. They have pretty cool stuff for a buck 50. 

Did a mini haul today with a couple more things for the cricut. But they have peg board and hangers etc. 

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