Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Day 223 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


Stuck my kiddos 2' 4 leaf clovers on to felt and then covered with laminate so he has them always preserved and won't get wrecked. 

Sorting, shifting and overhauling stuff is a pain. Love the outcome and how a purge clean feels, but still in the midst of disarray anyway so the shifting and figuring out where stuff goes while still fixing the walls and surroundings is as I said a pain. Finally figured out where the insane amount of crafts stuff was going and still in the middle of the resort now. 

Did take an impulsive break and went to the mall. The exact shoes I wanted were in the store and there was only 1 pair in my size that I could find. Never been in that store before, had no clue it was there and it is my new fave place to shop. Everything is crazy cheap.

My mini haul as I was not prepared with enough cash on hand to go crazy, but know exactly what I am hauling next time we go. A cool pair of kids joggers in cotton candy colors and jelllllllllyyyyy shoes. I seriously miss my jelly shoes of the 80's these are not exactly but are exactly the sandals I wanted. They are covered on gems so I am squeeeeeeee-ing. 
How I missed you jelly shoes.
Kiddo grabbed an alien long sleeved and a neat pair of joggers. His size is too hard to find. But will take a haul day just for him there and see what I can find esp paints. 
These balls were a magickal find really. They were all just sitting in the vend machine, from a play till win game. Kiddo just put them in his Mario Castle cage thing. 
Used the Wendy's hack and got him 5 nuggets and a toy for 2.40. Pretty cool builder toy thing too. 

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