Friday 29 July 2022

Day 225 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Kiddo just had to have some Timbits so went for the walk. Called ahead to have a box of 50 just chocolate glaze ready to go. Only kind he eat so thought go big and freeze some so he has some for multiple days. 

We had an adventurous walk anyway. Saw some beautiful ivy climbing a hydro pole, some roadworkers must be lost as they used City of Niagara cones. Find we me Niagara is on my brain and know that is where I am headed next or in and around that area. Just gonna let it unfold. 

Saw a beautiful ground cover and the lady was kind enough to dig some up for me and had it ready after I picked up the TimBits. We were on a time crunch for pick up. Needed something from Giant Tiger also but they were out; but found Lime Ricky Pop Shoppe. I had not seen Lime Ricky and years and was talking about it so much and wishing they got some in and there it was on the shelf. Going back for some more for sure at some point. It is so delish with splash of grenadine. 

Kiddo swam for a bit this afternoon and just window shopping on online food, candy and chocolate sites. My wishlists are getting loongg. 

Kiddo found a perfect leaf and we had to search it came from a tulip tree. Going to press it for him. 


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