Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Amazing Children's Author: Small Author Shout Out: Lauren Dawn Davidson

Lauren Dawn Davidson: Author of Lucy and Her Talkative Pet Series. 

We found Lauren at a vendor show at Riverside Park in Cambridge earlier this Summer. Her aura and beaming smile. coupled with some of the cutest Children's book I have ever seen; drew me to her. 
Hearing her story about why she stated her books and taking a glimpse through the books she had for sale I had to grab one for myself. Hard as I would have loved to have been able to grab them all but could not at that moment.
Lauren is a kind and loving person and she always works hard and does her best. She works at Galtview Restaurant on the weekends and volunteers at the Fairview Seniors Community 2 days a week. She is keeping busy all while having written some children's books. 

I opted  for Lucy and her Talkative Pets Travel the World. This is not a sponsored post and I supported her personally with the book purchase. We were however gifted an activity book that goes along with her books and a gift only if you grab one of her bundles. That being said, all opinions are my own.

I am so impressed with this book. Very proud to have read through knowing that Lauren did all the research herself to write the story as they Travelled the World. 
You are given an endearing cute story all the while coupled with page graphics done by Lauren's Mom. The book can be read Stand alone to a point but I highly suggest you grab her first book, Lucy and Her Talkative Pets to read the story.
The book is so well written. I highly recommend. These would make a perfect gift for any occasion. I love how you have the story but also well researched and perfect facts about the World travel. You get to know Lucy Max and Ginger more if you have already read the other stories, or you get to know them for the first time as they travel the World. 
You are given a story, informative bits about different places, and little bits of morals, life skills, and overall friendship through each page. 
As an unschooling family, this book is perfect for World learning days. 
You could also bake/ cook through the listed foods to try at each place. Not only a great life skill but also for just a good time to fill your belly. 

Please also take a look at her website linked above. There you will find all you will need. 

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