Tuesday 2 August 2022

Day 228 and 229 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Day 228 migraine-ish day thanks to barometric pressure in the air so did not do much at all. 

Did get full days of energy though at night of course once all the storms and rains came to clear the atmosphere. Was good kid was out for night so I had some quiet time. 

Day 229 

A couple flowers in the mini bowl garden with flower puck things we made a few years ago. 

Post for today for a Book Tour HERE

Did a little grocery haul at Walmart, not a biggie. Needed to get out a little bit I think more. Was able to shop without the kid having to go through toys so that was a bonus. 

Some more shifting done. 

Try a new to me Chickpea curry dish. Was amazing. Have to find how it is made and make it for myself. 

Kiddo was excited, Walmart has those Kit Kat ice creams he loves for cheap. 

Oh so the Walmart mint chocolate bar is really close to Laura Secord and only a buck a bar. I can buy 8 for the price of 2...

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