Friday, 5 August 2022

Day 232 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Sweet stores had so much snacks and stuff kiddo likes on sale. That is always good did a stock up. 

Giant Tiger was a walk and yikes heavy lifting to bring that all home, but worth it. Finally used our hydration packs for water. Should have been using them all summer long. Took way to dang long to figure out how to get the water to flow. But kiddo lives his pack so we can walk farther and he will be set. 

Been either too hot out or rainy and kid has been bouncing off the walls last few days, any one else's?. Need some nature. Of course under  a heat wave next 2 days. But need those 3 hour walks back even for my own sanity. 

No frills had some good sales on what my kid eats anyway and Ontario peaches and nectarines cheap also. Drive down there got really cheap cheap gas.  Glad I drove would not have been able to walk home with all I bought there. 

Finally got my succulent decor started.

Fae meeting will come to order work in progress. 


I just love the set up and can not wait to macrame a hanger for my ivy to get that sorted. 

Cats can not get in to my succulent green house. Added the aloe so had to make sure just for show. Ahh I love it so much. Still a bit to go. But makes me so happy. Can not wait to get many many plants in my space. All done in cat friendly way so takes a bit, on top of all the other stuff to get done but getting there. 

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