Saturday 6 August 2022

Day 233 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Did a haul at Michaels today. Had no plans to go but candy melts were on sale and I had no idea just how cheap I would get some for. Flash forward going back to do a major stock this week before gone. 

Quite a haul with summer stuff I guess. Lots of crafts for the kiddo. He ended up with quite a shark themed haul. 

So the candy melts. I have big plans for it and was impulse guided to go today. So the same packs I thought were 1.50 but were only a buck and the big bags were 2.99. Have to grab a ton more for sure. 

Saved almost 134 bucks, quite an awesome haul. Got a few things for the grand kids as well. Few more things for the craft stations. 

Oh the fall scent wax melts were on for 2 for 1. So I got the best pumpkin/ Halloween scent ever and got 2 for 6 bucks. 

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