Wednesday 17 August 2022

Day 244 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Was just a clean the downstairs day, day.  I did have my Native recipe donut I got on the reserve yesterday and it was so so sooo good. Had to try plain and then of course I had to put clotted cream and jam on it to make it even better. 

Glad we had lots of rain today. 

Lots of crafting. 

rebranding my Youtube Channel and actually going to use it as a Channel and create some actual content. Was only ever just to upload vids of my youngest not as a channel and to grow but for his paternal to be able to view him; but it is a venture I decided to take. 

My channel just linking it for now. Will be work and progress but going in the direction I described there. Considering October and Samhain on the way, perfect time now. 

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